The Start Of Target Archery

The Start Of Target Archery
By Thomas Forbes from his book 'Guide To Better Archery'

Modern archery as it is known today was established to­ward the end of the 18th Century by the formation in England of the Royal Toxophilite Society of London. The Grand Na­tional Meeting which determines the Championship of England was first held in the year 1884.

Organized archery on the English pattern, which we commonly call target archery, was introduced in the United States in 1828 by the formation of the United Bowmen of Phila­delphia who shot regularly in that city for thirty years prior to the Civil War and whose trophies are on display with the Pennsylvania Historical Society.

In 1878 the National Archery Association of the United States was formed. This is the ruling body for target archers in the United States. A group of target archers conduct a tourna­ment in a manner similar to that used on the rifle range. Shooting is under the control of a Field Captain and the targets are set at predetermined distances from the shooting line.

Field Archers constitute the other large group of archers who are organized on a national scale under the National Field Archery Association. Field archery is intended to simulate conditions found in the hunting field and at the same time provide group competition in the sport of archery. A scheduled field shoot under conditions prescribed by the national organization provides a variety of shots over hunting terrain at unknown distances.

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