Modern Bow Hunting

Modern Bow Hunting
By Thomas Forbes from his book 'Guide To Better Archery'

Following World War I the late Saxton T. Pope demonstrated that a skilled hunter armed with a medieval broad-headed arrow and a yew bow was able to kill practically every type of game animal in North America including the Kodiak and Grizzly bears and the elusive mountain sheep.

The modern Dean of bowhunters is Howard Hill, who not satisfied with matching his skill with the bow against the game of the North American continent, extended his conquests of wild game to Africa where the mighty elephant has fallen to his bow.

His book, "Wild Adventure," published by The Stackpole Company is a thrilling account of his adventures in hunting and photographing wild game.

Too many novices have equipped themselves with heavy hunting bows which are a definite handicap to them in their efforts to learn to shoot. Deer have been killed with thirty-five pound bows, and the average distance from which deer were shot in Wisconsin during the past five years is twenty-eight yards.

It is not contended that an expert bowman cannot shoot accurately with a sixty pound bow, or that a heavy bow is not a suitable weapon for the hunting field. To the contrary, he will consistently shoot better with a heavy bow at short ranges, and particularly at the ranges which statistics show deer are shot. It is maintained, however, that the novice will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to develop proper shooting form, and spend the hours of practice necessary to perfect that form, unless he uses a bow which he can draw and hold without extreme effort. Good form is gained through practicing correct procedure at all times.

Good form is the result of thoughtful application of approved shooting methods. Unless you can learn to repeat each movement in exactly the same manner every time that you release an arrow, you cannot expect to register hits consistently on the target. The time, money, and effort expended to get within bow shot of a deer is wasted unless you can send an arrow to a vital spot. A bow used correctly is an ccurate and a deadly weapon, and its effectiveness is limited only by the skill of the individual bowhunter. Accuracy is the end product of good form plus plenty of practice. If you are a beginner, the logical step is to join your local archery club, and learn to shoot.

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